Great Video Resources

Lately I’ve been scouring the web for resources to help me teach certain concepts in my Broadcast Journalism class. I have been somewhat successful lately in finding a few web sites that have great information and even better examples for my students. Here are a few of the best sites I’ve been able to find:

Izzy Video. He is a small independent broadcaster who has a great web site and is willing to help new people in the field get started. He shares his expertise in short webcasts that are available here and on iTunes for free.

Digital Juice TV. These guys are great. Israel Hyman of Izzy Video put me onto the track of these video gurus. Great insightful shorts about nearly every aspect of video production.

The High School Broadcast Journalism Project. Helpful for those just getting a program started.

The Internet Campus Free TV Course. Some great basics.

Apple iMovie Tutorials Site. The VERY basics for iMovie.

Mr. C


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  1. Thanks for mentioning Izzy Video. If you ever want to request a certain topic that you’re curious about, or maybe if you want something directed toward your class, please just let me know. I like the idea of customizing future content like that!

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