Relax – Don’t Do It!: 10 Ways To Unwind This Summer

As the old Duran Duran song says – RELAX! As the year winds down and you get your final issue out, your final episode on air and your yearbooks distributed – you really need to relax. Here are some ideas after it is all over!

1. Read a book – a novel, for fun! It is relaxing, and I highly recommend it. I’m currently reading the Charlie Bone series – kind of like Harry Potter.

2. Watch a movie – lots of great movies out this summer. Popcorn, dark room, significant other. Time well spent.

3. Catch up on housework, gardening, etc. My house needs painting, so this summer I am a handyman.

4. Sleep in or come home early and catch a nap. Remember all those late hours on deadline? Now is the time to pay yourself back.

5. Go out on a date. Take your significant other out for dinner, etc. No kids.

6. Take a trip. Even if it is just somewhere for the day. Museum, zoo, aquarium, beach, pool, etc. Have a good time. Cameras allowed, try not to think about the rule of thirds too much.

7. Go to a ball game. If you like sports, go see a game. One that you do not have to read a story about or watch video of later. If money is an issue, go watch a little league game. Bring your significant other – don’t look like a nutter.

8. Exercise. Remember how you promised to lose a few pounds as you ate pizza with your staff? Now is the time. Ride your bike, take a swim, walk the block.

9. Clean up. If you like neat and tidy, then take the time to clean and organize something. Throw away the stuff you don’t need. Recycle or send it to Goodwill.

10. Find a hobby, preferably one that does not involve video, pictures or writing. Better still if the computer is not involved. Video games are allowed.

Enjoy your time off – if you already delivered your book, then it is less than 365 days until the next one is ready.

Mr. C