Shouldn’t You Be Using Multimedia?

Honestly if you are not using some kind of multimedia in your classroom, you might want to seriously rethink what you are doing as a journalism teacher. We all know the world of journalism is moving more and more online. It is also becoming media intensive – video, flash, power point, quicktime, movie maker, iMovie, podcasts and more.

Just today I made a Power Point presentation for our junior class about their senior class photos. But I know that there were some juniors who did not or could not come to the assembly. Plus there were many who came late or could not hear well. So I did a simple thing – I saved the PPT file as an .mov file (Quicktime movie) and posted it to the school’s website.  This way anyone who was absent or missed some info can get it online.

But more importantly, as a web design or video tech teacher – we should all be incorporating more multimedia into our teaching.  Finding online resources and presenting them in class.  The best way to inspire our students is to show them great examples of multimedia and then give them the tools to create similar work themselves.

Just this week, my photojournalism students did a photo-animation project.  They used cameras to take a sequence of at least 60 photos and then used iMovie to animate them.  How can this be used in journalism?  How about an animated graphic to show how many students passed the state exam?  There are all kinds of ways to use this skill.

And there are some great videos at  Check it out.

Mr. C


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