Time To Pack Up: 10 To Do’s Before Summer

If you are like me, then you are solely, 100 percent responsible for the equipment in your journalism or media room. So, take some time and pack up right. Here are some to do’s before you leave for a well deserved summer rest.

1. Update the system software. If you are on Mac, run the system updater in the control panel. On a PC, download the latest patches for Windows.

2. Update your software. If you use Adobe products for photography or desktop publishing – run their updater. Also go to versiontracker.com and check all your other software.

3. Throw out the computer trash. Delete all the old files you won’t need anymore. Make a back up of this year’s photos and video projects. Label and store your backups. File all your archive footage of really important events. Put it in a cool, dry place if possible.

4. Clean out your files, your desk and your storage areas. Stuff accumulates. Three years ago I moved to a new classroom and I ended up throwing out 10 giant trashcans full of junk! Pitch it if you don’t use it. Or find a new home for it. Give it away if you can.

5. Order stuff you need. Yearbook advisers, get your publisher to send you stuff like rulers, calendars, etc. Many give away a lot of stuff or sell some promotional items cheap. Video – you will need tapes, batteries, DVDs, bulbs, etc.

6. Make sure all your equipment works and is inventoried before putting it away. Invest in plastic tubs with lids to keep out moisture and keep stuff organized. Hit the dollar store or Big Lots. Check and roll cables, etc. Get some cable clamps in the hardware aisle to keep mic cables from becoming spaghetti.

7. Clean up. Rinse out your coffee cup, put away extra office supplies, box up random stuff lying around.

8. Get ready for camp. Get all your summer paperwork done and pack a box of things for camp.

9. Turn it all off. Unplug everything that can be left off for the summer.

10. Go home and have a great summer.

Mr. C


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