41 Mini Photoshop Lessons: Downloads

Here’s a great resource for photography teachers, Photoshop Wednesday – a video podcast by John Chambers, a great Photoshop teacher.  The lessons are in Photoshop CS, but I know they translate well into PS 7.0 and CS2 as well.  Each lesson covers one of the main Photoshop tools.  You can download it here:


or go to Apple’s iTunes and subscribe.

Mr. C

Tackle TED Talks With Seth Godin

Seth is an advertising guru who understands that the world has changed from media driven products to user driven ones. His TED Talk is one of the better ones, but there are lots of gems there. The TED talk site is http://www.ted.com/talks or you can download them at Apple’s iTunes site. Go to the podcast links or just search for TED Talks. I’ve attached my PPT file that I’m going to share with my students this fall. I hope we can embrace this philosophy of change for our yearbook and turn it into a vehicle for student centered content.   Stop Selling To The Center

Mr. C