I Hate Fundraisers

Actually, I hate counting money.  I know that sounds perverse, I mean, who doesn’t like money?  Me.  Dollar bills individually may be cool, but count 500 of them.  They stink.  Really, money that is used stinks.  It is actually a health hazard, so wash your hands after you count money.  Use anti-bacterial soap.

I hate counting coins.  At my school, you have to roll them too.  It is mindless and maddening.

Then you have to check your count again with the book keeper.  You have to turn in the receipts that verify your count.  I usually count it three times (and get three different results) before turning it in to the book keeper.  Then sometimes, even she gets more than one result.  Maddening.

How are you supposed to get it right?

Then there is dealing with the students. Yearbook kids won’t turn in their receipt books, heck this year I had 3-4 kids who never even picked one up!

Then there are kids who don’t turn in fund raiser money.  If you thought the paperwork was bad for turning in money – no less than 5 forms to be completed and signed – then turning in paperwork for kids who don’t turn in their fund raisers is worse.

I love my job, but I hate fund raisers.  I finally turned in the last of our yearbook money this week and I never did get the count to come out right – in the end I was off by $15.   I hope the auditors don’t have a cow over that.

I am still looking for a good way to keep track of kids who pay for their yearbooks in installments.  Those are one of the most frustrating things – and about 80% of my school pays that way.  If we didn’t have installment payments, we wouldn’t sell any yearbooks.

I’m hoping to create something in excel, but if anyone has a good solution to the problem of keeping records of yearbook payments, I’d love to know about it.

Still calming down.

Mr. C


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