My 11 Favorite Fictional Journalists

These are some of my favorite fictional journalists. Some are “good” and some are “bad.” In other words, not all of them follow the best practices of journalism, but are still compelling characters.

1. Rita Skeeter – Just can’t keep a bad girl down. She is the reporter for the Daily Prophet that you just love to hate. But all of us envy her Quick Quotes Quill though.

2. Peter Parker – Who doesn’t love the bumbling alter ego of Spiderman? Peter is a great photographer, but he just never can get on the right side of his editor.

3. Les Nessman – I used to love watching him make people walk into his “office” space that he had marked out on the floor in tape. The bow tie was a perfect touch for the lovable, nerdy Nessman at WKRP.

4. Kent Brockman – The perfect delivery of the non-News, perfect hair, great voice, perfect for the show that spoofs everything – The Simpsons.

5. Kermit the Frog – My first reporter hero was Kermit. You gotta love the fedora and wonder about the trench coat. His sign on was unique “Hi-ho Kermit the Frog here.”

6. Andrea Zuckerman – The editor of the West Beverly Blaze on 90210.

7. Clark Kent & Lois Lane – Two journalists for the price of one in every Superman movie.

8. Murphy Brown – One of the best shows about broadcast journalists.

9. Gale Weathers – Courtney Cox’s alter ego in Scream 1-2-3. That was a girl with a nose for the news. Usually sensational news, but news.

10. Gray Grantham – Denzel Washington’s Pelican Brief character. He’s a pretty good reporter even if his editor thinks he is a little too close to his subject.

I know there are many more, but these are the ones that I liked.

Mr. C


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