News Judgment Online: Search Engines Have It

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs lately that have been discussing the many reasons why newspapers and television journalism is losing out to the internet.  And with yesterday’s post about news judgment and our students, I decided to do a test.  I visited Fox News, CNN, USA Today, my local metro paper and then Google and Yahoo News.  The online sites have much better news judgment.  It is not just better layout – that is easy to see.  They are less cluttered and easier to use, but they also lead their pages with real news.  Their sections are laid out well with real news in each one.  They leave entertainment and opinion to those sections, not scattered throughout the sections.  They are also not trying to sell you something every two inches on the page.  They focus on news!  Wow, if only our “news providers” would do that.  Over the years, newspapers and TV news has tried to become something for everyone.  In doing that, they have strayed far away from their original mission – providing the reader with news.  In doing this, the news has suffered and the business is now paying the price.  People want to get the news in the easiest way possible.  They want it fast and cheap.  That is the internet.

Mr. C


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