Cool Tool: Screencast-o-Matic

I am forever wanting to be able to record lessons that I do in Photoshop, InDesign, etc. Sometimes they are difficult, or sometimes I have to give them to several classes – either way it would be cool to be able to record them. Now there is a way – Screencast-o-Matic. This cool new tool allows you to record what you are doing on your screen without any additional software needed – except a browser and Java.

I tried it out on both my laptop OS X (10.4.9) non-Intel and my iMac 10.4.9 Intel using Firefox 2.0. On my laptop it worked great, but my iMac was problematic. First it wouldn’t work with Firefox. I tried upgrading my Java, no luck. Then I tried SeaMonkey (another Mozilla browser). It worked! But it only likes 1024×786 and even when I set my iMac monitor to that depth – it was still no go on full screen recording.

So I recorded a simple lesson on how to balance the levels on a grayscale photo in Photoshop. So far, so good. Saving to the desktop took a long time, but it did finally save. So, I recommend it, great tool.

I also recommend using the full version of Quicktime or iMovie to edit the .MOV files that it saves. I also don’t recommend saving to desktop. It is available for windows too! And it is FREE!

Thanks to Andy for leading me there.

Mr. C


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