My Kids Don’t Meet Deadlines

There I said it! That has always been one of my deep, dark, journalism teacher secrets. My students either can not, or will not turn in their work on deadline. I’ve tried all kinds of things. We have artificial mini-deadlines, but after a while, the kids are smart enough to figure it out. They just don’t see the problem with not making a deadline.

My broadcast kids get it! My yearbook/news magazine/web designers don’t. We have a weekly TV show. This last year, I told the kids if they want an audience, they have to have a show every week, or they will lose their audience. It has to come on the same day, at the same time – every week. That is how you build an audience. They put out twice as many shows as the year before. They came out almost every week on time! They got a lot of response from students. They were watching!

The yearbook only comes out once a year. You don’t get enough feedback. I’m not really sure how to motivate them to meet deadlines. I’d really like to hear from readers of this blog as to how you handle it. I’ve tried, and continue to tie it to grades, but at my school grades do not motivate the majority of kids. So, I’m looking for something else.

Please write in your comments.

Mr. C

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