Tony Blair on the Media

I know this is a little like a one-off for this blog, more politics, than teaching – but it is about media in today’s world.  Tony Blair gave a great speech/op-ed about the role of media in today’s politics.  I think he is “spot-on” as they say across the pond.  He really nailed it about the “Impact Media” trying harder and harder for attention as their audience slips away.  It is coarsening our culture and hurting democracy.  A free press has a higher calling, than the scandal of the day.  We should be informing the people about what the government is doing and the various sides in the debate.  Too much post Watergate journalism is over-the-top and scandal driven.  You have to shout fire to get any attention from the media today.

Here’s Mr. Blair’s post.

Mr. C


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