The Hardest Job You’ll Ever Love

I do love my job.

Most people can’t say that.  I also never intended to be a teacher, but I’m glad I did.  I wanted to be a writer or work in TV.  I did both for 5 years before becoming  a teacher.  But neither were as satisfying as teaching.

I’ve been concerned lately about what my kids are getting out of my program and concerned about the future of journalism in general.  As far as my kids, I guess I need to relax.  Several of my former kids have gotten in contact with me via my personal web  site on a social network.  It is really great that so many of them actually are working in media or working on a degree in media.

I’m also happy that so many want to get back in touch with me.  It is hard to keep in touch with your former students.  E-mail helps, but social networking sites help too.  Know your district’s policy on them, but don’t be afraid to use them to keep in touch with kids that in many cases are now grown up. It is scary that I now have former students who are almost 30 years old, older than I was when I was their teacher.

Some of my former students are actually in the media.  One is a media consultant and another is a video/animation technician.  I have two that are teachers, one is a teacher’s aide and another is going to start student teaching this fall.   I have three that are in college now working towards media degrees – one at UNT, one at UofH and the other at a local junior college.   One of my former kids is a police officer, one is a psychologist and another is an EMT.    Two are graduates of UT.

It is really great to find out how well most of them are doing and that they still remember their time in my class fondly.  That makes all those long hours, weekends and late nights worth it.

This job may be difficult, but it does have its rewards.

Mr. C

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