Online Video Tools For Macs

If you have Macs and need to download a few files to show to your students at school, then you will need a few tools to do it.  The online world of uploaded video is not always Mac friendly.

In previous posts, I recommended purchasing the full version of Quicktime. This will be your workhorse since it easily helps you open and save many video types and convert them to .mov files.

Next, you need Flip4Mac with lets you deal with WMV files easily and simply.

But those are not the only video codecs you will run into on the net.  The next tool you will need is for FLV or flash video files, like you will find on YouTube and other similar services.  For these files, you will need Perian.  It will allow QT to view videos natively, just like Flip4Mac does with WMV.   It is also a free download.

And of course you will need to be able to download video from YouTube, so try TubeTV, this is a great app with the best interface (like a browser) that makes it simple to download the FLV files from YouTube.

If you are like me, you don’t want a bunch of videos rolling around your hard drive with all these different codecs.  With the FLV files, for example, I right click on the first FLV file I get.  Then I choose Get Info and change the application that opens that file.  I choose Quicktime now that I have the Perian extension installed.  I also choose Change All, so that from now on all FLV files will open in QT automatically. Now I open the FLV file and using Quicktime Pro, I save the file as a .MOV file.  I delete the FLV original and save the QT file to a CD for later use.

Copyright Note:  Most of the How To… kind of videos on YouTube or personal sites out there is published on the web for you to use for free.  The author created it and intended you to use it.  But be wary of professional video company files that are not put online by the creator.  They are in violation of copyright and should not be used in your classroom.

Mr. C


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