Missed Fair Use Day – Doh!

As a media teacher I’m always having to look over my shoulder when using copyright material.  Of course as both a member of the media and an educator I am eligible to use certain copyright material in class under fair use.  But every year we are given more and more dire warnings from our IT department on what constitutes copyright infringement.  Often the warnings are wrong or worse – outright lies.

I  think that it is someone’s job in the recording and motion picture industries to scare educators (administrators) into thinking that we can’t or shouldn’t use images, music or video in the classroom unless it came out of a box we purchased from an educational materials company.

This is just an outright lie.  And I’m glad people are starting to stand up to these corporate robber barons.  One such attempt is Fair Use Day, which unfortunately is in the summer.

Arm yourself if you teach media or journalism.  Know the law on copyright, don’t be bullied.

Mr. C


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