5 Cool Tools For The Business Side

Just out surfing the net and found some really great online tools that can be useful for the yearbook or newspaper.

1) First you might try to monkey around with Survey Monkey, this free service allows you to email surveys to people to get feedback. You might try this with yearbook customers. Ask them to give you their email addresses and then survey them as to what they think is important in the book.

2) Have you searched the land for a tool to make some really cool and easy PDF printable business card, well Business Card Land has what you need. Customizable, free, easy templates that spit out PDF business cards that you can print out and cut up.

3) Mailing out some CDs or DVDs, here’s an easy way to make a case for them – a Paper CD Case. What could be easier? Go to the about section for instructions on how to fold it.

4) Need to keep up with all those deadlines, photo shoots and events? Of course you do, and you can keep your staff in the loop too – with Google Calendars. This great tool will allow you to share multiple calendars with whoever you want to, just email them the HTML link and they can access it from anywhere.

5) And if you have to bill someone for a yearbook, especially an old one, or a photography project – then you will need to make PDF invoices at the Invoice Machine.

Mr. C


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