Treat Your Staff Like Pros: Give ‘Em A Contract

Give your media staff members a contract with some very basic, but vital rules to follow. Before you do, make sure your principal will back you up if you have to remove a staff member from your class.

Here are some simple and effective arguments for him/her to back you up.

1. Your media product is seen by the whole community – one trouble maker can ruin it for everyone.

2. You most likely have expensive equipment (computers, software, cameras, video gear) and if the trouble maker breaks it, then it will be more expensive to replace.

3. You probably deal with money, especially yearbook sales. It only takes one trouble maker with their hand in the till to really mess up the books.

4. You let the football coach get rid of rowdy players, why is media so different.

Use number four as a last resort. But usually 1-3 will convince all but the most stubborn principals that he/she should not assign the trouble makers to the media classes.

Mr. C


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