Yearbook: Make A Magic Book For YB Vocabulary

Here’s a great, fun and cool little activity that you can do on the day that you introduce how a yearbook is made. Have everyone make their own magic book!

After you make the magic book, then you can use it to demonstrate how books are put together. And while your at it, introduce yearbook terms for them to know and write down in the magic book.

There is also a great episode of the Science Channel’s “How It’s Made” (Season 3, Episode 6 or Episode #32 if you are counting from the start) that has a five minute segment on book binding. It seems that they are currently running seasons 1 and 2, but there are six seasons and they often have marathons, so keep your eye on the schedule.

Mr. C



  1. how did you make this??? its quite a nice website

  2. This site uses WordPress. Just go to and you can sign up for a free blog. Then you can personalize the layout in the settings once you have your site set up.

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