Apple Ruins iMovie: Bad For Scholastic Broadcasting

If you use Macs, then don’t be too excited to “upgrade” to the new iMovie.   So far, the reviews are in and they are bad.  The new iMovie stinks.  It has lost so many features that we have grown to love and depend upon.

I have not yet seen or played with it, but I hope to soon.  I have 2 new Mac Minis on their way.  But the reviews are all over the net –  herehere – and here.   Andy’s is the most comprehensive, the NY Time’ is very good and Multimedia Shooter has the best headline – Apple is Dumb too.

But a sneaking part of me thinks this is all in an effort to sell more copies of Final Cut.  Too bad, because I love iMove and now it seems that Apple has turned it into MovieMaker.

Mr. C