Getting A Head Start On Your ’08 Yearbook

As I mentioned before, yearbook is a year round activity.  Hopefully by now you are thinking about how to get started.  Really, you are already behind if you aren’t started now!

But don’t panic.  My first year as a yearbook adviser, I didn’t have a theme until mid-September and wasn’t sure who would take our school pictures until after the school year had started.

So, what should you do first?  Meet with your yearbook representative.  This is the person that your yearbook company has assigned to you to help you go from A to Z with your yearbook.  If you don’t know who it is, call their local or regional office and find out.  Set up an appointment to meet ASAP!

Next, read your contract.  Find out what you are entitled to for support from your yearbook company.  Many school districts bargain collectively with the companies and get extras thrown in or breaks on the pricing.  You won’t know unless you have read the contract.

Go to their corporate web site.  All of the big yearbook companies (Walsworth, Jostens, Friesens, Taylor, Herff Jones) have a web site.  Most of the companies are offering online proofs, online submission, some even have online page layout or image storage.  And they all have lots of online curriculum help and downloads.

Once you have your staff together, you need to begin choosing a cover, designing your pages and choosing a theme for this year’s book.

Mr. C


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  1. It doesn’t need to be this complicated. I run AllYearbooks in the UK and we’ve really simplified the yearbook process using a web-based system that I created. We’ve had customers go from contacting us to having their books printed and delivered within just three weeks. Yes, you can spend the whole year making your books and we would recommend that, but if you don’t have the time or energy then you can do it much quicker, cheaper and easier.

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