The Circle of Life in Journalism

As a former journalist myself, I understand why some people leave the profession.  But as a journalism teacher,  I’m at the other end of the spectrum – trying to encourage young impressionable minds to join the ranks.

I sometimes think things come to me by some kind of karma some days.  Today I ran across Paul Bradshaw’s blog post on 10 Things Journalism Students need to do to be better journalism students.   His post is focused on college journalists, but most are no less true for high school journalists, my favorite being – learn how to spell.

But right after I read his post, I stumbled across The Recovering Journalist blog which had a great post about life after journalism.  And  for many high school journalism teachers, the battle is winning or keeping talented kids in your classroom.  They wonder why they should keep doing the hard work of journalists when they don’t plan on becoming one.  This post answers those questions, and the answer is that good writing will be a skill that is marketable.  The researching and marketing skills they learn in your classroom will help them in nearly any job they hold in the future.

If there is one classroom that looks remotely like the real world it is the journalism class.  We must watch our bottom line, sell a product, market the product, create the product and do it while still trying to master the skills needed.

So, why – journalism?  Because it is the toughest job you’ll ever love.  (apologies to the navy)

Mr. C

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