Sick Day – What Do You Do?

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I’m home today with my ill son. He has an ear infection. It looks like it is getting better, but I had to scramble to put together a lesson for each of my five preps (classes). I actually teach on a seven period day, but have two class periods that repeat.

But this post is really about what you should, or can do on a sub day. First, you need to get a textbook. Yes, those ancient things printed on paper. Most journalism and media textbooks are seriously lacking, but here’s my list of a few good ones. Try to find some money to buy a class set of one a year – or convince your principal or district to buy them for you. If all else fails fund raise.

My favorite resource is the JEA Bookstore, because membership has its privileges.

For broadcast or video production, the book Television Production and its workbook seem like the best out there. I say this because I don’t actually have it. I have a terrible book that the state gave us that is about 5-6 years out of date.

For yearbook, newspaper or general journalism – I like The Radical Write and Journalism Today. Make sure you get the Radical CD and the JToday workbook too. And I also like the 1,2,3 Yearbook Guide.

One of the real problems is photography. I used to like the book Applied Photography, but it is out of print and about 8 years old. It has almost no section on digital photography.

Make sure you copy plenty of “throw down” lessons before each semester starts. Then if you have an emergency or a terrible day, you have some seat work lessons for your students to do with a sub.

I really hate interrupting the production schedule when I’m out, but my students have not shown themselves to be up to the task of working without oversight. The subs in my district are not really good enough to provide quality oversight, so I can’t trust my students with the equipment when I’m not there.

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