Topic of Discussion: Who is A Journalist?

If you have time for a class discussion day, or if you are teaching a general journalism survey course, then this post will be a great discussion starter.

I don’t agree with everything that the blog post says, but it is an interesting starting point on what is journalism, media and who is a journalist.

Mr. C


  1. One of the first things we talked about in j-school was exactly that: who is a journalist? We all are! If you witness a bank robbery and tell a friend what you saw, you’re applying most of the skills a journalist uses.

  2. I agree, but most “old school” journalists and journalism teachers feel that you must be credentialed in order to be a working journalist. They don’t take bloggers seriously and frown on self publishers. I think that 20th Century journalism didn’t prepare us for the new technology of the 21st Century and how it would change journalism.

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