Newspaper: Should It Stay, Or Shoult It Go?

Our newspaper is on hold this year.  We don’t have one.  We haven’t had a “real” newspaper staff in more than seven years.  We folded the newspaper staff into the yearbook staff and they did both publications for several years.  But it was stressful and the newspaper began to hemorrhage money.  The yearbook was able to keep it afloat until the yearbook began to lose money too.

In 2005, we began to focus more and more on the yearbook.  We devoted more time and attention to it both editorially and financially.  This year we made the decision that the yearbook class will no longer do the newspaper.

So, it sits.

At the end of the year we will have to make a decision about its future.  Should it stay, or should it go?

I’m sure that many scholastic journalism teachers will scream and grab their heads.  “You HAVE to have a newspaper!”  And I think we should have one too.  I was the asst. editor of my high school paper, the sports and then managing editor of my college paper.  I worked at my hometown paper.  I’ve been the adviser of the high school paper of and on for ten years.  Ink is in my blood.

But I think, if we bring the paper back, it will have to be online.  We can’t afford a printed paper.  Plus high school kids just don’t do paper.  They live online.  Our paper needs to be there too.  I’m thinking of possibly recruiting from several sources and trying to bring it back next year as a digital only publication – heck it could be a weekly.  Who knows what we could do?

But I don’t ever see us doing an ink on paper newspaper ever again.

Mr. C


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