Photo How To

As a former print journalism major, I have always felt less than well prepared to teach photography.  Digital photography has helped, because I have been able to learn it as it has grown up.

But I never really feel like I have enough photography resources.  Popular Photography magazine ( has a really great How To section with some cool tutorials, lists, helps and photoshop stuff.

I started off with this great list of 12 Photo Rules that are not in your standard “rule book” for photography.  Great stuff like using the palm of your hand as a gray card.

Happy shooting.

Mr. C


Making the Grade in Broadcast

Here are two rubrics that I have created for broadcast journalism, 1 for reporters and 1 for technical crew.  Please send your feedback, comments, ideas for improvement.  I’d really appreciate it.

Mr. C

Topic of Discussion: Who is A Journalist?

If you have time for a class discussion day, or if you are teaching a general journalism survey course, then this post will be a great discussion starter.

I don’t agree with everything that the blog post says, but it is an interesting starting point on what is journalism, media and who is a journalist.

Mr. C

Still Worth A Thousand…

These old photographs are great.  They could be used as both mini history lessons and also composition lessons for a photojournalism class.

And they are still worth a thousand words.

Mr. C