Being A Good Journalist Is About Habit

I have found that too many students don’t know how to prioritize. They are not grounded and have little direction to help guide them. And as a teacher, I felt I needed to help them. Because my job is more than just teaching them the inverted pyramid or how to write an effective lead. If I don’t give them the skills to be an effective person, then they will never be an effective journalist.

A great way is to spend a few days (and a few dollars by getting a classroom set) with The Seven Habits of Effective Teens. This book is great. It really helps kids learn how to set goals (including how to meet deadlines). It helps them to face their fears (like being on camera or interviewing someone).

Here is a companion web site for the book from it’s English publisher. It is well worth the read and worth sharing with your students, especially if they need to work on their time management and goal setting skills.

Mr. C

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  1. It takes a while for good stuff to sink in – so thank you thank you for the rubrics and comments. I’ve added you to my blogroll and reading list. You are correct in stating that students are disorganized…I’m not sure what your population is, but mine is kind of outer/inner city with a lot of disfunctional/gang banger parents. Once the kids find a person they can look up to, they begin to succeed. Unfortunately for them, this is usually only at school – teachers, coaches, upperclassmen (my breakers). If ya get a chance, email me. I’d like to talk to you off blog.

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