iMovie HD glitch

We still use iMovie HD aka iMovie 6.0 because I’m not ready to give up all the money we’ve sunk into plugins to “upgrade” to iMovie ’08.

But today I ran into a problem we’ve had before.  I thought it was a cable problem (firewire cable), but in reality it is an iMovie problem.  Sometimes iMovie stops recording audio.  You will hear it record, it will be on the clip in the clip pane, but when you move it to the timeline to edit – no audio.  The solution is to disconnect your camera cable from the mac and restart iMovie.  Then reconnect everything – it works.


Mr. C


  1. Do NOT upgrade to iMovie 8. Everything I’ve read says that you loose your ability to fine tune audio editing. Check it out first with someone who already has it and see if you like it first.

  2. […] HD and More Audio Weirdness April 16, 2008 — teachj A couple of months ago I had an iMovie HD audio problem and I searched around the internet.  I thought we figured it out and solved the […]

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