You Will Obey The Law: Of Unintended Consequences

 My new Video Tech class has presented a lot of challenges this year. First was just having enough equipment to deal with the large influx of students who wanted to take the class. Second is all the tech issues that seem to be popping up.

The newest one is again an iMovie HD (5.0.2) issue. Apparently in iMovie, if you make too many audio segments in a movie, then it can drag your project to a crawl. This has happened to two of my kids in the last two days. I think I finally found the problem on a discussion board. The solution seems to be to export your audio as an AIFF file and then get rid of all the small audio clips, then reimport just the one big one.

We’ll see if this works on Monday.

Mr. C

-Update:  It works.  The hardest thing was discovering how to export the audio.  Choose full quality quicktime under the share menu.  Then use expert settings to make it an AIFF audio file.