Blogging Is Weird, But Fun

I started this blog back in April as a place to keep useful links to web resources that I find useful in teaching journalism and media.  I also use it as a place to share things with other teachers I know and to record my thoughts and ideas about teaching.

It sometimes strikes my funny bone when a post is “successful” like the one I wrote about Apples vs. PCs (Windows).  As of today it is the most successful post I’ve ever had.  It had more than 250 hits in 24 hours and four comments – I’ve never had a post with more than two before.   But the audience for this post is not my core readers (media teachers).

After looking at my traffic and what posts have been the most successful, I have found that I have two audiences – one who has made successful posts out of Yearbook Ladders and lists of Journalism Movies and another audience that reads my comments on iMovie, Final Cut and Apple computers.

I’m also amazed that I have 168 posts and 10,000 hits in less than a year too.  I hope I hit 200 quality posts before my blog is a year old.  They say the first 1000 posts are the hardest and about a month ago I thought that I had run out of stuff to write about.  But so far, still going.

Keep on blogging.

Mr. C

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  1. The hard part initially with blogging is even realizing you may have an audience. You have some good solid stuff here teach. I read for your knowledge on teaching since I’m a confirmed Mac addict. Thanks once again for the rubrics.

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