PPPL: Post President’s Day Photography Links

Here are some cool links as we sit around watching the death cage match that is presidential politics.

Making the Best of Bad Weather for photo – is a great post on why you should reach for the camera and maybe a plastic bag or two when the weather turns foul.   I think I need to remember this one and send those photographers outside in the rain!

Here’s a great post with cool photos – 30 to be exact that inspired a graphic artist to take up photography.  If you’re a photographer – was there a picture that inspired you to become a shutterbug?

And a more international flavored version of Photos That Changed The World.  Some really cool pictures from around the globe – I really liked the ones from Paris and Mexico.  I don’t think I’d ever seen them before even though I’d studied the events in school.

Bonus:  Bitbox.com has some really cool free stuff like fonts, backgrounds and brushes for software packages.


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