iPod: Tool for Learning

I just got an iPod about a week ago.  Of course I love it.  I bought the inexpensive 4GB iPod Nano.  When I unboxed it – after updating the software – I filled it up with about 3 GB of music and then on a whim I decided to load a copy of a podcast that I like – Tips From the Top Floor.   I actually have only watched his video podcasts up until now.  But his podcast is short, just about the right amount of time to fill my commute.

So, I dumped it into a playlist and then I listened to it on the way to work.  I love it.

And of course there are so many to choose from – FREE on iTunes.  TFTTF (about photography is there) and there are many more like Adobe Creative Suite PodcastOne Minute Tip: Photoshop WednesdayGrammar Girl and many others.

I highly recommend you get an iPod and learn something new – or just rock out to a little Queen, Avril Lavigne, Kelli Clarkson or 30 Seconds To Mars.  Sometimes you just have to chill out!

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  1. Yes. Podcasts open up a whole new world of news and knowledge!

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