Cruel, But This is What Our Students Watch

The Simpsons: Your Medium Is Dying

Lasso A Rodeo Roundup Of Links

Here in Houston it is not only Spring Break, but it is also Rodeo time. So, with that as our theme here is a rodeo roundup of links.

Andrew Sullivan thinks that TV as we know it is over and we are about to have an explosion of content and ways to access that content. He also discusses how it will be disruptive to the way some people see TV today.

The Lenslinger says it is a great time to work in TV if you can shoot, write and edit. It is not so good if you are one dimensional. So his advice is become the complete package.

Here’s a great blog by a college kid, Sean Blanda, who is trying to get hired. He has a great blog, every college j-student should check it out.

Here’s a new blog about teaching video. The teacher, I think comes from California. He’s off to a great start. Visit his site to encourage him to keep it up.

This is the blog of Video In The Classroom, a site devoted to using video in elementary school classes. But the blog is more adult oriented towards teaching and using tech.

Here’s another new blog, this one is from the Center for Scholastic Journalism.  It is great that some new blogs are coming out, but some of these organizations should have been blogging before now.

This site is really cool. has a journalism page with all the online journalism magazines and blogs with an RSS like list of top stories from that source.  All in one place.

Here’s another blog from a young up and comer, Daniel Sato’s Photojournalism From A Student’s Eye.  He is an all around journalist with some great multimedia samples on his site.

How can you get past over eager security at an event you must shoot for your publication?  Black Star Rising says wear more than one camera and have a “Press Pass.”

Confused about the metering modes on your new DSLR?  The digital Photography School has a cool post on how to understand many modes.