Get A Grip

Here’s a great new podcast from Brent Bye at called The Grip Guide.  So far there are only a few episodes, but they are really full featured and delve deeply into the topic, such as cable rolling and checking A/C voltage.

Lotsa Links

Here’s another roundup of links from all over the web.

ABC News Doctored Photos web slide show.  From Britney to OJ, the most well known altered magazine covers and photos.

Is Seeing Believing?  A multimedia resource for photo fakes and hoaxes.  Great site.

FLICKSCHOOL video and multimedia gallery.  The back door to their how to videos.

101 Five Minute Fixes for Your Web Site.  A gallery of quick and easy things to do to make your web site better.

Identifying Altered Images:  Great magazine article on how to detect an altered image.