What’ The Vector, Victor – Not A Raster Roger!

As you  know, I love Photoshop.  But sometimes there are things good old Photoshop just can’t do or isn’t very good at.  One of those things is a Vector Image.  Usually Vector Art is created in an application such as Illustrator.  Vector art is really great for creating scalable images with sharp edges.  Usually it is saved as an EPS or PDF file format or AI.

Now I don’t have anything against Illustrator, but I do 99.9 percent of my art work in photoshop.  If I am creating some kind of art, I usually use PS.  But when I need to send artwork to a t-shirt printer they really want Vector art, not the Raster images that Photoshop makes.

Why?  Because Raster images are fuzzy on the edges and are not easily scaled.  So, what can you do if you don’t want to spend a lot of money to buy Illustrator and the time to learn it?  You can keep creating your art in photoshop and then use one of these cool web resources to convert it to a Vector.

The best is probably Vector Magic.  But it is also costly.  They let you convert two images for free, but after that, they charge you $3 an image.

The next solution I recommend is this utility that creates an almost vector image, but not a true vector.

Finally there is AutoTrace and Potrace, but you need to be willing to assemble these programs together yourself.  Not my cup of tea.

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