There Will Be No News Today

This is what could happen if present trends continue.  There won’t be any news to turn to.

Cool Links #1

Sometimes I come across a bunch of unrelated, but cool links and I don’t like to have to come up with a long title every time, so today I’m starting Cool Links.

First I found an interesting page with lots of photoshop tutorial videos – very cool.

Second, I found a creepy Orwell vision of the future right now. A photog in the UK gets stopped by a couple of volunteer police officers and told he can’t take pictures in a public place. Scary

Black Star Rising (a photo blog) has a really good commentary on the Annie Leibovitz’s recent Vogue magazine cover.  King Kong racism or just a really cool photo – you decide.

If you live in Florida, you must love the current debate about Nipplegate and the WWE.  Enough said.

Finally some great background info on the famous Shooting A VC photograph.  Warning – graphic images and content.