Cool Links #2 (With some not-so-cool links) – 42 resources for designers. I haven’t even gone through all the links yet, but many of the one I visited are really useful.

CBS – Let the bleeding begin. The cuts have started at the Tiffany network. More are sure to follow. To all those j-students out there take note. This is the same thing as what happened when I graduated from j-school – lots of layoffs, no jobs. Although this may be different if you have good video and web skills. Think outside the box – web journalism startups may be your best bet, but they may crash and burn too. Just be ready for the turbulence.

Simon Wyndham – has some great tips for video shot composition. He also has an interesting site with beginner, intermediate and advanced tips. Very cool blog from UK!

The Journal Blog Central – another site from the UK, really funny stuff. A Journalese-English dictionary.

Meranda Writes – about a journalism sell out. I can’t tell if she pities him, hates him wants to be him or doesn’t know. I too was a journalism sell out, I left for the better hours and better pay. But at least I still teach journalism. But in today’s market I still can’t blame j-students who become dissatisfied with the state of journalism today. Many who have decent web or video skills can find better pay and working conditions at Web 2.0 startups or in PR. Or if they are really crazy they can start their own online biz – Drudge Report, Grammar Girl, Huffington Post, need I say more?

Thanks to Notes From A Teacher for some of these.


  1. Thanks for the link to my post. To clarify how I feel about the reporter I reference: none of the above. The truth is, I understand him. I understand 100 percent the reason he’s “selling out” and think for him that’s the right thing to do. For myself, which is what I tried to focus on, it also reminds me of why I never could.

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