I’m All A-Twitter, Sort Of…

At first I just didn’t get it.  Of course I’m a little slow, even when it comes to tech.  But Twitter just didn’t seem useful or user friendly.  So, I let my account kind of sit idle.  Unused.

But then I bought an iPod.  When I bought my iPod I really got into listening to podcasts.  I have always enjoyed vidcasts like Izzy Video and the Grip Guide.  But audio casts seemed like something that would take too much time.  This was all pre-iPod.

In the post iPod days, I listen to about four or five podcasts on a regular basis.  I love to listen to them on the way to and from work.  They are a great way to deal with the 20-30 minutes each way in the car.  I also love to listen to podcasts when I have to wait in line somewhere.  Or just wait.  It is almost better than a magazine.  Really good for the doctor’s office, returns line at Walmart or anywhere you might have to just chill waiting for a while.  I’m not a good waiter.  I hate waiting.  But now, I almost look forward to it, as long as I have 2 or more podcasts in my iPod.

But the really interesting thing is that nearly all the podcasters I like Twitter and love it.  So, I have been twittering and following them.  I don’t think I’ll ever be a compulsive twitter person, but I have managed to learn how to use it.


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  1. Thanks for watching the show! If you’re not following me on Twitter, please add me. My username is israelhyman.

    Twitter can be fun. Hopefully you end up getting more interesting updates than “Eating lunch…” and so on.

    It’s strange because I’ve started getting lots of my news from Twitter, and it’s certainly how I find much of the interesting video content on the web.

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