The Paper or Plastic: MTV Show Begins A Little Stiff

It is not every day that there is a TV show about high school journalism, so I’m not going to complain too much.  I watched MTV’s The Paper tonight online.  I actually enjoyed some parts of it.  The look of a high school newsroom is just about right.  The ubiquitous cell phones, the catty back biting, the girlfriend and boyfriend on staff are all fairly accurate.

But some of the scenes were obviously staged.  Such as Amanda (the new editor) laying out poolside – which only reinforces the comparisons to the High School Musical character Sharpay.  Some of the characters were obviously plastic too.  The girls practicing powder puff football in uniform.  That only happens on TV.   The advertiser who forgot his check.  Plastic.

I did like the fact that the staff actually did put out an issue in this episode and explained a few journalism terms.  I wish they were available for download, so I could use selected bits in class.  I’ll keep watching – I just hope it doesn’t turn into a soap opera set in a j-classroom.


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