iMovie HD and More Audio Weirdness

A couple of months ago I had an iMovie HD audio problem and I searched around the internet.  I thought we figured it out and solved the issue.

Well, here’s the issue.  You import your clips into iMovie HD and you hear perfect audio as you import.  But when you go back to the clips – no audio.  Video is perfect.  We thought it was all kinds of things.  Bad firewire cable, bad firewire port, bad camera, corrupted preference files.  Nothing seemed to be consistent.

So, yesterday I started surfing the net for the issue.  And I came across the most bizarre solution.  They suggested either opening Garageband or if you had deleted it (we had) to install it and then open it.  Then play around on the virtual keyboard in Garageband and quit.  Then open iMovie HD and your sound will return.

I found this suggested on at least 3 sites.  One suggested that iLife apps get corrupted in some manner when they are deleted or not updated together.  Who knows.  But it worked – so far.  Hope it stays solved.

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