Cool Links #3

Haven’t done one of these for a while, but I just have some cool stuff to share:

1) Why Gen Y Is Going To Change The Web: I actually prefer the term Millennial Generation and Digital Natives to Gen Y. As a Gen Xer, I think of Gen Y stopping with kids who were born after the 1980s. This is a great article about why kids are different today than before. It’s the technology. They are hooked into it 24/7.

2) Communicating with Twentysomethings: This is a great article about ways you can improve communication with your students, even though they are not yet 20, most of these tips should work with them too.

3) 5 Great Ways To Contribute To Social Media:  I just wrote a post about social media and I am a true believer in it.  Getting into certain social networks has really improved my knowledge and professional contacts.  Cool!

4) TWiP:  This Week In Photography is a great website and podcast about photography.  Now, sometimes they get too stuck on certain subjects, but they run a clean site – no flames.  They also have contests and some of the best info about Canon, Nikon, Adobe and Apple – plus more.  Great site with how to videos, camera
reviews, techniques, etc.

5) Geek!ED!:  This is a cool podcast/website from four (or more) tech ed teachers who discuss what’s going on in tech, at their schools, in their district, on the web, etc.  The podcast can be informative, funny, lame, inane and sometimes really weird.  I like it.


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