I’m So Emo: Sad and Sappy Day

It really hit me today that my seniors – Class of ’08 Rox! – are gone now.  😦

Today was their last day, of course I will see many of them several times over the next week or so, but I won’t be working with them any more.  In fact I told my ’09 editor in chief that we need to have an editor’s meeting next week and my ’08 ed in chief was right there and she said, “why do we need a meeting?”  I was  so sad, because I had to tell her that I meant the ’09 editors.

Of course I’m the emo sap.  My kids all tell me so.  I was able to make it all day without being sad, but then I stumbled on a comment from my ’06 editor had sent to me about my ’08 editor.  It caused me to go back and read the original post – she was saying how sad she was back in March finishing her last yearbook layout.  I got more sad.

And to top it all of my seniors gave me a huge card they made today – poster sized!  With photos of them at prom, in Austin, on trips, etc.  They had even themed it all up with stickers and stuff from our ’08 yearbook theme.

So, I’m sitting here being emo.  I’m sure I’ll get over it soon, but I will miss this bunch a lot.  They were such a great bunch of kids.  They took the baton from my ’06 group and kept up the pace until now.  This year really was our best book ever.  It is going to be so tough to top it next year.  We have a lot of hard work in front of us.  I just want to stop and smell the roses for a few more days before I have to say goodbye to ’08.

Oh – yeah and I’m banned from using the word “cute.”

Goodbye Class of 2008.  I will miss you.