Killer Cliche’

It is hard to teach kids who don’t always have a great literary background about idioms and cliche’s – Thanks to 10,000 Words for this link to Kill The Cliche‘  – a great site about the horrible state of newspaper headlines – filled to the brim with cliche’ phrases.

Dealing With The Next Generation

60 Minutes has a really great video about how the Millennial Generation is really different from Gen Y, Gen X and even the Boomers.  The only thing they don’t really say is 1) how to get them to work 2) what they will do when the economy hits rock bottom and the jobs dry up.

All I can say is – then we will test their mettle, what will the kids who got a trophy just for participating do?  Some will be fine, they are tough, skilled and prepared.  But some of today’s kids will fold like a cheap pup tent when tough times come.  They think tough is when the half and half runs out at Starbucks or when Twitter is down.  They don’t know about real tough.

Luckily us Gen Xers are still around – we remember the 70s and how they sucked.  Gas lines, picket lines, worry lines.  Yeah, maybe we aren’t as happy go lucky as today’s kids – maybe because we remember it can all go sour on you.  Work hard, save some and stay employed.

Enough ranting for one day.  Good video.