First Day

Lately I’ve been hammered by the theme of “my first day.”

I remember my own first day of school, nearly 14 years ago.  The one thing I remember the most is being nervous.  I didn’t think I knew my content well enough.  I was afraid of dealing with discipline problems.

The first day of a teacher’s first year is filled with all kinds of crazy things.  There are usually many things the administration wants done, like handing out student handbooks or free lunch forms.  There might be homeroom or special announcments for seniors.  I any case it is not a normal day.  But a first year teacher will be just trying to keep up.  Often they are just trying to take attendance right for the first time ever.

Of course they either  planned too much or not enough to do on the first day.  We used to teach on the “block” back then and the first day lasted two days.  It took a long time to get used to 90 minute classes.

But I do remember that the first day also went by so fast that it was over before I could worry about it.  I can also remember not being able to sleep before the first day of school.

After 14 years, I no longer get so worried about the first day of school, but I do still get excited.

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  1. Great Post here and i can relate. The one time i was worried my 1st day of school was my 1st year of high school which was a public school with a population of over 3000 student. Before that i had attented a christian school with a population of about 200 total students 1st thru 9th grade.

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