Give Amanda and The Paper Staff A Break

New York Magazine online has a scathing article about Amanda Lorber of the MTV show The Paper.  And I just couldn’t let it go without commenting.  Since they don’t allow URL’s or trackbacks – luddites – I’ll post my comment here as well as on their site.

I find it pretty low when people attack a high school student who they’ve only seen for fewer than eight hours. Amanda is a pretty talented young lady who I feel was vindicated when it was obvious that her main rival on the show sabotaged her leadership from the start. As a high school teacher, I see this kind of behavior often. Teens are often petty when they don’t get what they want, unlike adults who never stoop to this level of backstabbing. I think that if you look at the successes on the paper, Amanda is at the heart of many of them along with her fellow editors. The paper itself has a huge number of staff that you never see on camera, except in the background, who also contribute. This show is “reality” TV and is designed to play on your emotions in order to make you like or hate certain characters. MTV played up Amanda’s worst qualities and only in the final two episodes did she really get to shine. To misquote Yoda – jealousy leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering and that is the path to the dark side. Don’t mistake these kids for professional actors. They’ve had their daily lives dissected by the camera and the edit booth. What you saw on MTV was nothing near reality, so don’t pretend to know them or judge them. If you do run into them in college or on the job, forget you ever saw their character on “The Paper,” because that is all it was – a parody of the real person.”

By Teach_J on 06/04/2008 at 5:54pm


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