The Future Of News Is (Pixel) Bright

Microsoft’s new CEO thinks that the future of media is online!  Gasp!

Wow, I’ve never heard that before.  You mean that printing on dead trees and over the air broadcasting could some day end.  Has this guy had his head in the sand since 2000?  No wonder Microsoft is in trouble, it looks like they are just now waking up to the digital revolution.

Yes, media will be provided mainly on the internet.  But I really don’t think that print will ever really die.  Some things are just easier to deal with in print.  But I also think that individualization and niche markets are the future.  Domination by mega media is the model of the 20th Century – the long tail is the new model.

Journalists more than anyone will have to adjust to this reality.  Smaller media outlets covering niches are the jobs of the future.


1 Comment

  1. *facepalm*

    I remember people making those sorts of dire predictions when *I* was in high school!

    (Let’s not discuss when that was!)

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