ASNE Arizona Day 1

I am currently lucky enough to be attending the Arizona State session of the Reynold High School Journalism Institute sponsored by the ANSE.  I’ll be here for the next 12 days in sunny Tempe, Arizona.

My flight went pretty good from Houston to Phoenix.  The pilot however, must be a former Navy Top Gun.  We were not in the air for more than 30 seconds when he banked the plane like an F-18 Hornet.  He then did several more banks as we were climbing to altitude.  Then on final approach we dropped down fairly low – low enough to see backyard swingsets and read the yard markers at Sun Devil Stadium.  Finally he landed fairly abruptly – like you might on an air craft carrier.

But I was in Tempe, on time and my bags were here too.  The hotel that ASNE is putting us up in is very nice.

Our introduction tonight came from the former president of the ASNE who helped get this program started eight years ago.  He encouraged us to be better students than our own students.  To be the students we would like our students to be.  I think he is right on with that.  He also hopes that we will be the ones who teach and encourage the rising stars of the future of journalism.  He gets full marks for motivational speaking.

We got our giant binders and the usual name badges, tote bag, polo shirt.

I hope I can get enough rest and am ready to face the day tomorrow.



  1. Have fun at your conference! It will be interesting to read what happens at a journalism conference.

  2. […] Exactly one year ago today, I was in Arizona attending the ASNE Reynold Journalism Fellowship.  This was probably the best professional development of my teaching career.  Not only was it the […]

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