ASNE Arizona Day 4

Today was a pretty good day.  I know I’ve said that at least once before, but I’m feeling more acclimated to the heat – walked about two blocks in the 3 pm direct sun and it didn’t even bother me.  I am also getting used to the 12 hour days.  They do work us hard.  We are earning our three graduate credits.  But we are also learning a lot.  We actually had a great session about grammar – yes grammar.  A copy editor from the Arizona Republic gave us a lot of good tips on how to teach it and the AP Style Guide without going crazy.

I am also going to miss my fellow advisors.  We have only been a group for three and 1/2 days, but I feel a close bond to many of my fellow advisors already.  I will miss not seeing them every day.  I has been so great to have an entire “faculty” of journalism teachers.  I have worked really hard to sit with different people every day.  I am going to try very hard to do this when I go back to school, both with my fellow faculty members and when I am with my students in groups.  It has been a great way to make sure I get to know everyone here.

I got four more interviews for my story today, so I feel really good about it.  I think that I have more than enough material to write a story.  I also got my first story back and was in the good, but you missed great group.  I burried my lead.  Ouch!  I know better.  But I got a lot of congratulations on my speech story photo.  So I feel pretty good.

Lots of homework to do tonight.


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