I’m A Visual Journalist Who Thinks He’s A Writer

I always thought of myself as a writer – always.  That is what I’ve wanted to be since I was three years old.  I even teach writing.

But this last month at ASU, I learned once and for all that I am a decent writer, but that is not what I’m best at by far.  I am a visual journalist.  I’m a VJ.  Not the old fashioned MTV kind of VJ, but a journalist who works in the world of images.  I guess this shouldn’t come as a surprise to me.  I worked in TV for five years and I’ve taught yearbook, photojournalism and broadcast journalism for the last 13 years.  I do teach writing too, but most of my classes focus on photos, video or design.  I’m a visual media teacher.

I never expected to be.

I always thought I’d live in the world of words.  I now feel like I can actually teach writing after two weeks at the Reynolds Institute.  I also feel like I am a better writer now too!  I hope that I am.


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