High School Journalism Style Guide

While in Arizona at the ASNE Reynolds Institute, several of my fellow advisers wanted an abridged version of the AP Style Guide to use in the classroom.  I had one, but haven’t used it in several years because I have not had a newspaper class.  I found the old file, dusted it off and saved a new revised version (currently Rev. 2). It is saved as a Microsoft Word file (.doc).  Please let me know if you see any violations of AP Style in it, unless they are clearly marked as our local style.  I will be happy to post any revisions as per AP Style.

Update: 11/12/08 – Found a great quick and dirty study guide for AP Style at jscranton.wordpress.com – great resource.


  1. Caught this post via Google Alerts on high school journalism. Thanks for the resource!

  2. Your website is a great resource; thanks! I was at the Washington and Lee Institute this summer and had a great time; I shared your website w/ everyone from our group.

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