Being An Online Educator

I’ve written before about how much I believe teachers need to have a responsible online presence here, here and here.  And yet, up until now, I’ve kept my own identity as the creator of this blog somewhat undisclosed.  At first, I did it because the original intent of this blog was just as a place to keep my own ideas and resources in one location.  Then I did it because I wanted to shield myself from students, former students or prying eyes of the district.  But over time, my blog has become more social – linked to my Twitter ID, as well as part of my professional persona.  I often tell other teachers that I know IRL (in real life) to come to this site.  It is on my business cards. So, I have updated my About page since there has twice been some confusion from other bloggers about my gender.  I know that 85-90 percent of journalism teachers are female – but some of us are guys!  So thanks Wicked Decent Learning for pushing me, unknowingly, to out my identity.  “TeachJ, like the mysterious Racer X.”  But as my blog has evolved, I will evolve with it.