Being An Online Educator

I’ve written before about how much I believe teachers need to have a responsible online presence here, here and here.  And yet, up until now, I’ve kept my own identity as the creator of this blog somewhat undisclosed.  At first, I did it because the original intent of this blog was just as a place to keep my own ideas and resources in one location.  Then I did it because I wanted to shield myself from students, former students or prying eyes of the district.  But over time, my blog has become more social – linked to my Twitter ID, as well as part of my professional persona.  I often tell other teachers that I know IRL (in real life) to come to this site.  It is on my business cards. So, I have updated my About page since there has twice been some confusion from other bloggers about my gender.  I know that 85-90 percent of journalism teachers are female – but some of us are guys!  So thanks Wicked Decent Learning for pushing me, unknowingly, to out my identity.  “TeachJ, like the mysterious Racer X.”  But as my blog has evolved, I will evolve with it.


  1. That’s interesting Teach J, that you say you kept your identity hidden at the beginning. I think I was quite similar, in that I tossed back and forth between wanting to have my ID out there and not. In the end I decided that my blog was a part of my professional life and grew to be more comfortable with this.

  2. Yeah, at first I didn’t want my blog to be a professional issue. But as I’ve seen more an more educators with blogs, I think I can defend it as something that many educators do today. I’ve also tried to keep it as professional as possible as well. So I feel more comfortable with it now.

  3. TeachJ,

    I am SO sorry that I outted your identity to the world (or at least to the few listeners that we have). I have to remember to ask commenters if it is OK to reveal their comments and name on air. Dan and I struggle often with how much to reveal of our own identity in our work and I promise to be more careful and mindful of how others protect theirs.

    Wicked Decent Learning

  4. Not at all. It actually made me reevaluate why I was keeping it such a secret in the first place. I think it was fear of discussing the “internal secrets” of my district/campus. I actually try to focus my blog just on journalism – but that has it’s danger side too. Especially when you are dealing with student’s press freedoms, freedom of expression, prior review, etc. In fact two of the teachers I went to ASNE Reynolds Fellowship with this summer at ASU are going through some tough issues with their principals right now. It can get ugly. But that is why I try to always be a professional on my blog and why I filter all my comments. You guys are great keep up the good work in Maine. Still listening!

  5. […] in the last couple of months, I keep getting mistaken for a gal.  First it was the guys over at Wicked Decent Learning and now it is my good pal over at the scholastic scribe.  So, this must be some kind of weird […]

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